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petrolatum oil-based anti-corrosion tape system

Petrolatum Oil-based Anti-corrosion Tape System

The petrolatum oil-based anti-corrosion tape system includes: Petrolatum Primer/Petrolatum Mastic /Petrolatum Tape/PVC Outer Tape. This coating system is widely used in marine construction, with over 50 years quality guarantee.

The special petrolatum oil-based anti-corrosion tape system for valve flanges is a non-toxic, non-volatile component and excellent anti-corrosion system. It was originally invented specifically for the external corrosion protection of steel and cement piles in seawater. Now it has been widely used for long-term corrosion protection of various equipment in the harsh atmosphere, underground and underwater environments.

With its excellent plasticity and flexibility, the system can be kneaded into any shape, so it is suitable for the anti-corrosion and maintenance of any shape of equipment such as flanges, valves and other pipe fittings, as well as anti-corrosion after emergency repairs, such as oil, gas, and pipeline A large number of valves, flanges, tees, condensate tanks, underground storage tanks, vertical tanks, pipelines, equipment, steel structures, sea water in the water and petrochemical industries, as well as in various stations and factories, shipbuilding, ship repair and other industries China steel piles, cast iron pipe sockets and other places. In the past, we often ignored the anti-corrosion problem of these equipments, and just painted some paint. After a certain period of corrosion, these workpieces and equipment exposed to the humid and corrosive environment for a long time were severely corroded, resulting in leakage and unusable, causing serious loss. With this system, the possibility of continued corrosion of the workpiece and equipment can be completely stopped immediately, and it can be reused, which is very convenient for daily maintenance and greatly saves the cost of daily maintenance. From the perspective of short-term and long-term economic benefits, social benefits and equipment anticorrosion and prolonged years, this system is the most suitable.


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