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The factors that affect the adhesion of anti-corrosion tape

The use of anti-corrosion tape has brought convenience to our lives, which can better protect the objects from corrosion, but if we do not pay attention to its operation method in our use, it may cause the phenomenon of damage to the adhesion. This requires us to understand and master the factors that affect its adhesion, so that it will be more effective in future use.

1. Coating water temperature: This is a key factor that affects the adhesion of the anticorrosive tape. The higher the coating water temperature, the stronger the initial adhesion, but the temperature should also be controlled below 40 ℃ to avoid excessive temperature caused it to adhere. The force will decrease.

2. Ambient temperature: The anti-corrosion tape has certain requirements for the construction and storage environment. Generally, too high or too low temperature will cause the adhesion of the product to decrease, so other measures need to be taken to make up to improve the surface of the adhesive. And the temperature of the tape itself.

3. Environmental humidity: the anti-corrosion tape has specific requirements for the environmental humidity. It should be controlled at 60% to 70% RH. A humid environment with too high humidity will cause its adhesion speed to be low, but the adhesion will increase.

Through the above introduction, we should pay attention to the place of use when using anti-corrosion tape, so that the product prevention work can be done in advance, and it should be wound a few more times during use, so as to ensure its adhesion.


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