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How to judge the quality of the anti-corrosion tape anti-corrosion layer

As the demand for polyethylene anticorrosive tape continues to increase, we need to take the tape quality always as the first thing. Especially the anticorrosion layer is the most important key. For temporary benefits, some manufacturers produce some unqualified anti-corrosion tapes and sell them to consumers. What aspects should be used to judge the quality of the anti-corrosion tape anti-corrosion layer?

1. Because the steel pipe absorbs heat, and the black of the anti-corrosion tape absorbs more heat, it is forbidden to expose to the sun after the pipe body is anti-corrosion, and it should be stored as required. If the normal temperature is 20℃, the temperature of the steel pipe must be above 30℃, which is contrary to the standard and construction requirements.

2. When the weather is hot or sunny, the wound polyethylene anticorrosive tape often has bubbles. Because the tape itself has certain elasticity and self-repairing ability, these bubbles can disappear by themselves, so this situation should not be regarded as a quality problem. If long-lasting bubbles are produced, like folds, they should be removed.

3. If there is water vapor on the surface of the steel pipe due to high humidity and temperature difference in the construction, after winding the anti-corrosion tape, due to the better sealing of the tape, the water vapor cannot penetrate the anti-corrosion layer for a long time, resulting in air bubbles produce. As long as you pay attention during construction, this problem can be avoided.

4. When using, check to see if the primer is applied uniformly and continuously without any defects such as missing coating or flow marks. Moreover, it is necessary to wind the adhesive tape until the primer reaches sufficient surface dryness before construction.

5. The thickness of the polyethylene anticorrosive tape can be tested with a non-destructive thickness measuring instrument. Using the method of sampling inspection, multiple pipes are randomly selected for random inspection at two or three places, and four points are measured evenly distributed along the surrounding area. If it is unqualified, a second spot check will be carried out, and if one of the two is unqualified, it will be judged as unqualified.

6. Use an electric spark leak detector to conduct continuous leakage inspection on the anti-corrosion pipe one by one, and it is qualified if there is no leakage.

7. Test the peel strength of the polyethylene anticorrosive tape. Use a knife to cut the anticorrosive coating with a width of 10 mm and a length of more than 100 mm along the circumference of the pipe. The anticorrosion coating should be thoroughly cut to the pipe body. Pry up one end, clamp this end, and form a 90-degree angle with the tube wall with the spring balance and the required pulling direction, and the opening rate is not more than 300 mm/min.

In the visual inspection of the appearance of the anti-corrosion tape, the mending and repairing parts should be inspected one by one. The surface of the anti-corrosion layer should be flat, evenly overlapped, without wrinkles, permanent bubbles, and damage. The above is the question on how to judge the quality of the anticorrosive layer of the polyethylene anticorrosive tape, which our manufacturer has compiled for you. I believe it will be helpful to you.


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