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Causes and solutions of air bubbles in cold-wrap anti-corrosion tape construction

Causes and solutions of air bubbles in cold-wrap anti-corrosion tape construction

In recent years, cold-wound anti-corrosion tape has been quickly recognized and used in the industrial industry. Because the product is an environmentally friendly anti-corrosion material, it will not cause pollution to the environment. In order to reduce the problem of mechanical corrosion, everyone gradually began to use anti-corrosion tape. However, during construction, the anti-corrosion tape is prone to generate some air bubbles, which affects the normal use effect. What are the reasons for the bubbles, and how to solve them?

1.Air bubbles appear after the construction of the cold-wrap anti-corrosion tape, mainly due to the uneven application of the primer during construction. So we have to pay more attention to the application of the primer evenly during construction, to avoid leakage or sagging.

2. Another reason for air bubbles appeared, it is the insufficient tension during wrapping. Therefore, during construction, we recommend using professional wrapping mechanical, which can control the tension of tape very well.

Exactly, the reasons for the air bubbles are different. That equired we have to resolve questions dependly. Of course, we must do the corresponding treatment when carrying out the construction, to make sure the product can be used correctly and have good performance.


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