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Tips on wraping anticorrosive tape

Tips on wraping anticorrosive tape

Anticorrosive tape is divided into cold-wrap tape and hot-wrap tape. It has good characteristics such as good adhesion and sealing, high tensile strength, easy construction, etc. As its name implies, its winding function is very powerful. So today we are going to talk about the little knowledge about the product application.

1. The temperature of the anti-corrosion tape when unrolling should be above 5 ℃, and the construction of the anti-corrosion layer should be above -5 ℃. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ° C, in order to ensure that the tape has good adhesive strength immediately, it is advisable to use a torch to heat the steel pipe and bake the adhesive layer of the tape.

2. For the weld, if necessary, it should be reinforced with a narrow strip of tape with a width of 30-50 mm. Cover the weld first and compact it with a hand or a wooden smooth tool.

3. Use appropriate mechanical or manual tools to spirally wrap the tape on the primed pipe according to the overlap requirements. The tape should maintain a certain tension to make the tape layers tightly connected. When winding the tape, the seam of the tape should be parallel, and the wrinkles must not be twisted. There should be more than 100 mm overlap at the joints of the two ends of the tape. If necessary, apply primer or fully bake the end base film of the previous section of tape, and after the surface is dry, overlap the beginning of the other section of tape. The beginning and end should be pressed tightly with a wooden smooth tool to prevent it from tilting.

4. The use of machinery is a powerful measure to ensure the winding quality of anti-corrosion tapes. Hand-wound tapes are difficult to achieve uniform surface quality and consistent tension. Only in special cases, mechanical construction can not be carried out, manual winding can be used. , But use narrower tape.

5. In the factory prefabricated wrapping, cold or hot wrapping can be used. It can be pipe rotation (manual rotation or electric rotation), or winding equipment rotation. The welding end of the pipe should be reserved for 150-200 mm. .

6. Prefabricated anti-corrosion pipes shall be subjected to quality inspection in accordance with the requirements of this Standard 8. After passing the inspection, the factory shall be provided with a certificate of delivery.

7. When using aluminum foil tape for anticorrosion of overhead spanning pipes or household risers, they shall meet the relevant construction requirements in this code, but electric spark detection testing is not required.

8. The anti-corrosion tapes for fill-in, elbow, and wall penetration should be as narrow as possible, and the construction and inspection shall be performed in accordance with the relevant regulations in this code.

9. For pipelines with major overhaul of anticorrosive coatings, rotatable winding equipment shall be used for construction at the construction site, and construction and inspection shall be performed in accordance with the relevant provisions in this code.

If we need to use anti-corrosion tape for winding work in life, the above little knowledge can be used as a reference for operation. When applying this product, it is also necessary to pay attention that the weather environment will affect the quality of the product, so pay attention to this aspect when using it, especially the wind and sand weather.


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